A partnership with CSP

With CSP, you won’t get an IT company that responds to your needs only when they arise. You will have a partner who takes responsibility for the maintenance, development and technological growth of your company. We strive for excellence and achieve our goals with:

❱❱❱  A strong team of seasoned IT management professionals
❱❱❱  Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure to minimize downtime
❱❱❱  Emergency 24x7 server and network support for down environments
❱❱❱  Up to a three hour response time for onsite technical support
❱❱❱  Up to a one hour response time for remote technical support
❱❱❱  Immidiate email and phone response from an IT professional you know
❱❱❱  Excellent customer service that will impress and give you peace of mind

With over 30 years of providing IT solutions for our clients, CSP is a pillar of support for companies large and small in the New York Metropolitan Area. By providing reliable service and solutions, we ensure the success of our clients goals every step of the way.

Technical Support

Give all your employees a jump start to success by providing them with the kind of technical support they will need to keep their computers working at optimal performance and peripherals free from malfunction.

Server Management

When a server going down directly translates to your company going down, the importance of giving the attention your corporate backbone requires with preventive maintenance makes the difference between minor and major downtime.

Networking and Security

Whether the goal is to expand the accessibility of your network or strengthen the security of your company’s intellectual property, we will help you understand what solutions are available to fit the unique needs of your environment.

Cloud Solutions

Now more than ever moving your companies key infrastructure to the cloud can save you from the frustration of managing, maintaining and upgrading expensive equipment in your local environment, reducing total cost of ownership.

Data Management

Having a plan to safeguard your data and a course of action in place to recover during the event of data loss, will insure your company’s resilience during times of catastrophic storage failure.